DalConnects Registration

The DalConnects Program is a free student leadership program offered to all Dalhousie and King’s College Students, that combines exciting and informative workshops, off-campus leadership retreats, and conferences with valuable volunteer work experience.

Program themes:

  1. Personal Development - Discovery your leadership potential and develop skills that help you become a more well-rounded individual. 
  2. Global Citizenship - Develop strategies to make a difference in your community and abroad.
  3. Career Development - Develop and further your career.
  4. Leadership Development and Innovation - Put your knowledge into practice in a new and innovative way.

How it works: 

Program participants will be required to complete at least one workshop from each theme and a capstone project to meet the minimum of 5 points requirement for the program. Each theme will have a capstone project where participants can apply the skills/knowledge that they have acquired during their participation in the program. 

All points and volunteer experience gained through the DalConnects program will continue to be cumulative throughout a student’s participation in the program and only one reflective assignment is needed for program completion.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at connects@dal.ca.