Mentor Application Form 2024-25


To ensure a successful and productive mentoring relationship, it is crucial for both the mentor and mentee to share a common understanding of their roles and expectations. Please review the following guidelines before signing up.

Expectations and guidelines:

  1. Roles: The mentor is an experienced professional who offers guidance, support and knowledge. The mentee is a student seeking guidance and advice to enhance their personal and professional growth.
  2. Communication: Mentees shall drive the mentoring relationship by initiating and maintaining regular contact with their mentor.
  3. Active participation: Both mentors and mentees shall actively engage in the mentoring relationship by providing constructive feedback and insights. This involves active listening, asking questions, being open to new ideas and perspectives, focusing on areas of development and highlighting strengths.
  4. Confidentiality and respect: Both parties must maintain confidentiality of shared information and refrain from disclosing without permission. Both parties must treat each other with professionalism, kindness and respect, thereby fostering a safe and supportive environment.
  5. Program engagement: Mentors and mentees shall make an effort to respond to program surveys, emails and participate in program events and workshops.
  6. Commitment: The program runs between October until May and typically requires a commitment of 12-15 hours over an 8-month period for meetings and program engagements. 

By signing up, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above expectations. Your commitment to these guidelines will contribute to a successful and fulfilling mentoring relationship.

Please submit the form to be added to the mentor list. You will be contacted once the application submission closes and you are matched with a mentee. All questions are mandatory.


Your first and last name:


Your pronoun(s): 


Your email address:


Your current job title and company/ employer. If not currently employed, please state your last held title and employer.

5. Type of industry you work in (ex: Manufacturing, IT, Technology, Finance, Health Care, Education, Consultancy).


African Nova Scotians and persons of Black African Descent  
Other Racialized Person (For ex - East Asian, South Asian, Multiracial)   

For definitions of Equity Deserving Groups at Dalhousie University, please visit: Definitions of Equity‑Deserving Groups - Human Resources - Dalhousie University


Do you have any additional details you'd like to share with us about your self-id such as your racial or ethnic identity? (if you choose not to answer this question, please write "Prefer not to answer").

For examples of racial/ethnic groups, please visit:  Definitions of Equity‑Deserving Groups - Human Resources - Dalhousie University

What type of support do you hope to provide to your mentee? (Select any two)

Professional/Career Development  
Other (Please specify)   

What affiliation should we promote for your mentoring role? (Select any one)

Education (ex: professor, instructor, teacher)  
Administration and Management (ex: executives, managers, administrators)  
Professional (government)  
Professional (private sector)  
Professional (social work, volunteer, charity)  
Community Leader  
Other (please specify)   

What goals do you feel you can best support your mentee with? (Select your top three from the list below)

Networking and opportunities for meaningful connections  
Skill development  
Academic, personal and career advice and guidance  
Providing support in cultural and social integration  
Providing access to resources (people, websites, tools, etc.)  
Assisting/ advising on setting and achieving goals and overcoming challenges   
Other (please specify)   

Are you willing to mentor more than one mentee at the same time? if yes, then how many? 


Please select your preferred method(s) of communication with your mentee. 

In-person only  
Online only  
In- person or online  
Other (Ex: phone, email, text) (please specify)   

Explain in short why you want to be a mentor in Dalhousie's BIPOC Graduate Student Mentoring Academy. You can also include a link to your LinkedIn profile here or upload your resume in pdf format.