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The student experience at Dalhousie is multi-faceted and is constantly evolving. Student Affairs and various University partners are engaging in a number of student focus groups throughout September and October to gain a better understanding of what a vibrant student experience looks like at Dalhousie. We also want to better understand the context around alcohol and substance use among university students (including the growing culture around unsanctioned street parties), while exploring potential harms and impacts. These focus groups will be grounded in relationship-building, equitable dialogue and will be a space for students to speak freely without fear of university sanctions. This is not a process to "get students in trouble" but rather to hear directly from students on the issues that are directly impacting them. If you are interested in being part of a focus group and/or learning more, please fill out the following form.

*food will be provided at all focus groups


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3. Dalhousie’s Student Affairs Division sometimes partners on or conducts research and assessment projects to better understand student experience, challenges impacting students, and the effectiveness of our programs and services. Please check this box if you agree to being contacted at your email with invitations to participate in research and assessment projects from student affairs.
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