Imhotep's Legacy Academy Job Application

To apply for Imhotep's Legacy Academy (ILA) jobs, please answer the following questions.

You are not required to submit a cover letter or resume, so make sure to include all relevant information below.

**You must email your academic transcript to with subject line "Job Application - [POSITION TITLE]**".

First Name:Last Name:
Province:Postal Code:
I have worked for ILA:In which Role(s)?
I have participated in ILA programs:In which Program(s)? 
I am a student:University/College/School:
Current program of study:I am a coop student:
Year of study in your program:GPA (last 2 years):




All employees of ILA are required to be officially cleared to work with children. If you are hired, you will be required to do the following; please let us know if you have already completed them:

Do you have a currently valid Child Safety Certificate (within the last year)?
Do you have a currently valid Criminal Record Check (within the last year)?


For some jobs, a driver's license is useful, but not required:

Do you have a Nova Scotia Driver’s License?
Do you own (or have unrestricted access to) a vehicle?



For the open positions below, please select all those for which you are applying.

Note that some positions require being a student, or being in coop, or both.

After-School Program Coordinator  
Virtual School Program Tutor  
After-School Program Mentor  
Activity Developer  
FIRST LEGO League Coordinator  
ILA Coding Activity Developer  
FIRST LEGO League Mentor  
Logistics Officer  
ILA Coding Coordinator  
Marketing Specialist  
ILA Coding Mentor  
Sprouting Science Faciliatator  
Summer Program Coordinator  

Please tell us up to three of your most relevant employment experiences.

Employer Description Dates [MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY]



Tell us up to two of your most important volunteer activities.

Organization Description Dates [MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY]



What are your top five skills?


Write a paragraph explaining why you are suitable for this job.

If you are applying for more than one job, address each one in a separate paragraph.


Please provide the name, organization, email and phone for two references.

Name Organization Email Phone


Self-identification questionnaire

ILA is committed to fostering a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness. ILA encourages applications from African Nova Scotians, Black/African Canadians, Indigenous persons, persons with a disability, racialized persons, women, persons of a minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity, and all candidates who would contribute to the diversity of our community.

The information in Section 1 below will be used to ensure compliance with federal government requirements pertaining to the recruitment of foreign nationals. The information in Section 2 below will help ILA to set equity, diversity, and inclusion goals and measure our progress.

ILA prioritizes hiring those who have a demonstrated understanding of the educational and social challenges faced by African Nova Scotian secondary students.




Are you a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada?



Section 2: (VOLUNTARY INFORMATION) Diversity Self-Identification:

You are not required to share your self-identification information. You may select "prefer not to say" for any of the self-identification questions below.


For the purposes of this survey, Indigenous/Aboriginal persons include people who identify as First Nations
(Status, non-Status, Treaty), Métis, Inuit, Native or North American Indian (including North and Central America
and the Caribbean).

Do you consider yourself to be an Indigenous/Aboriginal person?
Do you consider yourself to be Mi'kmaw?

For the purposes of this survey, racialized persons are people (other than Indigenous/Aboriginal persons) who are non-white in colour and/or non-Caucasian in race, regardless of their place of birth or citizenship; (sometimes referred to as “racially visible” or “visible minority”)

Do you consider yourself to be a racialized person?
Do you consider yourself to be a person of Historical Black/African Nova Scotian ancestry?
Do you consider yourself to be Black and/or of African Descent?


Persons with a disability: For the purposes of this survey, persons with a disability are people who have a chronic, long-term or recurring physical, sensory, mental, learning or intellectual impairment, that, in interaction with a barrier, hinders that person’s full and effective participation in society. This includes, but isn’t limited to, people whose functional limitations due to their impairment have been accommodated in their workplace (e.g.: by the use of technical aids, changes to equipment or other working arrangements).

Do you consider yourself a person with a disability?


Do you self-identify as a woman?


Note regarding Language: Language, particularly in relation to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, involves social constructs which evolve over time. The definitions below are not meant to label individuals but are meant to be helpful functional descriptors. They are not standardized and may be used differently by different people.
For the purposes of this survey, persons of a minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity include individuals who identify as:

a) Transgender, gender non-conforming, two spirit, queen, or a similar term; and/or
b) Lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, two spirit, asexual or a similar term.

Do you consider yourself to be a person of a minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity?