RIM Survey

Impact of the 2020 Obesity guidelines reframed narrative on the experience of people living with obesity: does it affect perceptions of self and the patient-provider relationship?

Information about the research

You are invited to participate in a research study being conducted by Sara English, a medical student at Dalhousie University and Dr. Michael Vallis. The purpose of this research is to understand how the physician's attitude toward obesity affects how individuals with obesity feel about themselves and about the patient provider relationship. This research will increase our understanding of the stigma people living with obesity face and will use this information to guide treatment of obesity.

You are being asked to consider participating in this study because you have self-identified as a person living with Obesity in Canada. Taking part in this study is voluntary and before you decide on participation, below is some information about the study.

What am I agreeing to?
If you choose to participate in this research, you will be asked to complete an online survey. The survey has 106 questions and requires watching two videos. The last question will ask you to share your thoughts about living with obesity. We may use quotes from the answers in the presentation of our results, however no identifying information will be reported. The survey should take approximately 60 minutes.

Your participation in this research is entirely your choice. You do not have to answer questions that you do not want to answer (by skipping that question), and you are welcome to stop the survey at any time if you no longer want to participate. All you need to do is close your browser. I will not include any incomplete surveys in my analyses. If you do complete your survey and you change your mind later, I will not be able to remove the information you provided as I will not know which response is yours.

Your responses to the survey will be anonymous. This means no one will know you participated in this study or which responses were yours. All responses will be saved on a secure Dalhousie server. Only Sara English and Dr. Michael Vallis will have access to the survey results.

I will describe general findings of this research in a manuscript as part of my Research in Medicine project and will be shared with Obesity Canada and presented in publications. Dr. Vallis will securely and confidentially store all information on a secure password protected computer in a locked office for 3 years.

Risks/Benefits associated with this study

The risks associated with this study are no greater than those you encounter in your everyday life. If for any reason you feel upset or uncomfortable, you are encouraged to reach out to the researchers. Dr. Vallis is a licensed clinical Psychologist with an expertise in the clinical management of obesity and can be reached at tvallis@dal.ca (902 789 9545).

There will be no direct benefit to you in participating in this research. The research, however, might contribute to new knowledge to guide care for people living with Obesity. If you would like to see a summary of the study results, please feel free to follow the link in at the end of the survey and leave an email address I will use to contact you with the results.

You should discuss any questions you have about this study with Sara English and Dr. Michael Vallis. Please ask as many questions as you like before or after participating. My contact information is Sara English – saraenglish@dal.ca

If you have any ethical concerns about your participation in this research, you may contact Research Ethics, Dalhousie University at (902) 494-3423, or email ethics@dal.ca (and reference REB file # # 2021-5822).”

If you agree to complete the survey, please press start