Stay on Track Registration

Dalhousie's Stay on Track program is for first and second year students who want to learn more about their strengths, develop new skills and strategies, and reach their full potential. Stay on Track takes a proactive approach to your success at university. Working with an advisor, you will create a plan to meet your academic and engagement goals. Please take a few moments to provide us with the following registration information.
1. Preferred first name:
2. Last name:
3. Student ID number (i.e. B00xxxxxx):
4. Your preferred email address (your first appointment time will be sent here):
5. Do you have a specific advisor you wish to be paired with? Visit our website to read more about our Halifax campus and Truro campus advisors.
Amy McEvoy (Halifax campus)  
Cheyenne Henry (Halifax campus)  
Keisha Turner (Halifax campus)  
Makenna Cooke (Halifax campus)  
Sarah Ready (Halifax campus)  
Terra Bruhm (Halifax campus)  
Tyler Hall (Halifax campus)  
Gillian Hatch (Truro campus)  
Mark Mason (Truro campus)  
No preference  
6. What do you hope to accomplish by participating in Stay on Track?
7. Please identify multiple days and times (Monday-Friday, Atlantic Daylight Time time zone) when you would be available for a 30 minute intake appointment. We will contact you through email with a booked appointment time.
This following information is collected for informational purposes only. It will not be tied to specific student numbers and is used only in reporting. It does not affect your participation or eligibility for the program.
8. Select the statement that reflects you experience:
Neither of my parents/guardians attended a college or university  
At least one of my parents/guardians attended a college or university  
Prefer not to answer