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Thank you for your interest in the Together@Dal program. Please take a few minutes to fill out this registration form so we are able to place you in the appropriate group(s). Demographic information will be used for group placement purposes, creation of affinity groups, as well as program assessment. If you have any questions, please contact Kerrianne Ryan, Program Manager, at: For more information on the program, visit:

Please note, if you are in a graduate/professional program, visit: to register for the Grad version.

Together@Dal is only for new to Dal students. If you are already a current Dal student, please reach out to one of our many support services:

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Please note, if you are in a graduate/professional program, visit: to register for the Grad version.

Together@Dal is only for new to Dal students.

7. If you are entering into the Faculty of Science, please indcate if you are a DISP or Med Sci student. If you are not, or not going into Science, choose "not applicable".
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11. Please indicate which racial/ethnic group you identify with. Check all that apply:
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13. In September, will you be living:
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14. Do you anticipate any of these being barriers for you in the fall? Check all that apply:
Old/unreliable computer   
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Lack of dedicated study space  
Lots of distractions in home environment   
Accessing certain websites in my home country  
15. Please indicate which times would work best for you (the majority of the time). All times are in ADT. Please check all that apply.
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16. How did you hear about the Together@Dal program? Check all that apply:
University staff  
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17. What is your reason(s) for wanting to participate in Together@Dal program?