Rental Housing in Canadian Cities: Barriers and Solutions

We are conducting a follow-up survey in our study of Rental Housing in Canadian Cities. Our initial survey was conducted in 2018, and helped us gather the perspectives of municipal planners, non-profit housing staff, and developers who are involved in the planning and implementation of rental housing. We used those results to develop a set of critical success factors in rental housing protection and implementation. If you have not already seen them, you can see the results from Phases I and II of the study here:

We also used the results to hold policy workshops in Halifax and Ottawa with housing professionals. Now we'd like to reach out to professionals in our 15 case study cities to ask them to evaluate their city based on the 11 critical success factors we identified in Phase II of the study. This "city ranking" will help us understand the strengths and weaknesses in your rental housing approaches. For the purposes of this study, "policies" can mean housing strategies, by-laws, plans, and funding programs. "Rental housing" encompasses subsidized, below-market, and market-rate housing types.

We aim to understand the effectiveness of municipal, provincial, and federal policies and programs directly from people working in housing provision. We appreciate your insights and your time. If there is anything beyond what we've asked here that would like to add, a section is provided at the end for additional comments.
1. Which Census Metropolitan Area do you work in?
2. Which sector do you work in?
3. Does your organization (select all that apply):
Manage rental housing units?  
Assist residents in finding rental housing?  
Review applications for development of new rental housing?  
Offer supports, e.g. mental or physical health for residents living in rental housing?  
Run programs that provide funding for renovations of existing rental housing?  
Run programs that provide funding for construction of new rental housing?  
Produce a housing plan or strategy?  
Produce an official plan containing a section on housing?  
Produce a bylaw that outlines the protection of existing rental housing?  
Produce a bylaw that outlines the construction of new rental housing?  
Other role?   
4. Consider the previous question, what would you say is the main role of your organization?
5. Please select all that apply.

In my role, I am responsible for:
Creating official housing plans, strategies or policies  
Creating master plans for municipalities that include rental housing  
Monitoring the execution of official plans  
Enforcing policy  
Reviewing development applications for rental housing  
Setting targets/ goals for rental housing  
Supporting residents in finding rental housing  
Offering mental or physical health support to residents  
Applying for development permits  
Developing rental housing  
Managing rental housing properties  
Conducting rental housing research  
Reviewing grant applications to aid in the creation of new rental housing  
Reviewing grant applications to aid in renovating existing rental housing