BAC Survey

Each year the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), chaired by the Provost, engages the Dal community to make recommendations for the University operating budget. Our primary goal is to align projections of our annual costs with a plan to ensure the University can meet those costs by reducing expenditures (cost cutting), by increasing revenues (predominantly through tuition fees), or by some combination of both.

Last year we added workshops in the winter semester alongside our town halls and survey. For 2020-21 we are engaging in consultation even earlier, and more broadly, beginning in the fall and continuing through the winter. It is our hope to better engage faculty, staff, students and external stakeholders in a dialogue about the budget, our options and the challenges and trade-offs we face.

The context paper just released [click here to access paper] is intended to provide information on factors that influence the University budget so students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders can contribute to this dialogue in an informed way. The questions in this survey are opportunities to provide early input in the BAC process.

There are five questions at first to get you started. They are simply to set the stage. You may even learn something!