Understanding Public Perception: Ocean Connectivity in Falmouth, Massachusetts



This survey is being conducted as part of a study to understand how residents of Falmouth, MA perceive their connections to the ocean. 

This project is led by Simon Ryder-Burbidge, a graduate student with the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and supervised by Dr. Bertrum MacDonald of Environmental Information: Use and Influence with Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Management, with the advice of Dr. Porter Hoagland at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Marine Policy Center. Your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw from the survey at any time prior to completion. You will not be identified in any way personally, and all responses will be treated as confidential. Once you have checked the boxes (on the following page), the survey will begin.

Do you have a story you’d like to share involving your connection to the sea? Tell us about it for a chance to be featured live on WCAI’s Living Lab Radio show with Heather Goldstone, public radio for the Cape and Islands. Once you’ve completed the survey, send an email message to Simon at s.ryder-burbidge@dal.ca with your story and contact information. Looking forward to hearing from you!